Dave Fernie- Bar Innovator at Honeycut, Normandie Club and Walker Inn, Pt. 2

A continuation of my conversation with Dave Fernie. In the 9 years that Dave has been in L A, he has contributed to a shocking number of groundbreaking cocktail programs in the city. He has helped to create drink menus at Church and State, The Test Kitchen, La Descarga, Harvard and Stone, Pour Vous and most recently, at the sybaritic, Honeycut where he has settled in and is now operations manager, in addition to managing the Normandie Club and the unique Walker Inn with its cocktail tasting menu. Here we get his perspectives on: cocktails with food; his love of idiosyncratic wines and styles of wine for everyday drinking; his personal favorite spirits and the batched cocktail and rosé in a can that you can expect at Honeycutt; his support of artisanal wine and liquor producers; the amazing and ground-breaking sustainability initiatives at Honeycutt; changes in the L A cocktail scene over the past 9 years and Dave’s endgame in the hospitality industry