Steve Greer: Hey, Sip That Stuff! Steve Greer Talks Tequila

Steve Greer 5.7.19.JPG

Tequila is at the center of a more general expansion of premium liquor worldwide.  The wide-ranging flavors that are derived from the blue agave plant fall into line the with the variations one can find with the world’s finest spirits categories; scotch whisky, rum, cognac and others.  Along with the agave-based mezcal that tequila is closely associated with, it has quickly become legitimized in the marketplace populating all premium tiers and is growing faster than other spirits.

Today’s guest, Steve Greer is a brand ambassador for a relatively new and formidable entry into the fray of the tequila marketplace.  In our conversation we talk about why he got involved with the brand Volcan and the brand’s pedigree and uniqueness.  Steve’s job is crucial to a product that does not put up billboards or advertise on T V. He travels around California extolling the virtues of Volcan to members of the drinks industry who will then serve it to their customers along with the story and information that Steve has provided.

We also get to talking about tequila, the drink.  We talk about how far it has come since it was known mostly as ‘Cuervo Gold’ and was administered exclusively in shots.  We talk about how it fits into the atmosphere of premiumization in the drinks industry.  But we also speculate, for better or worse, on this most successful and Mexican of drinks and what it means to its homeland now that most of tequila is consumed in the U.S.


At one point in our talk I mention a study on the subject of the role of tequila in Mexico:

‘Tequila Talk: Consumption, gender and the transnational terrain of cultural identity’, by Marie Sarita Gaytan, Latino Studies; London, Vol. 9, Iss. 1, Spring 2011.