Nina Sventitsky- Romance Adjacent: A Wine Marketing Career

Nina Sventitsky 19.08.06.jpeg

Nina Sventitsky moved to L. A. from New York in the 1990’s. Her career in marketing for magazine conglomerates led her there. She took a beginner’s wine course at Wally’s and became a wine enthusiast. After a stint at a short-lived wine magazine and a struggle as a wine rep through the economic crash, she became involved with the North American Sommelier Association, becoming a board member and cultivating sponsorships for the organization. Soon after, she landed a job as a marketer for the Rioja wine region. This job has allowed her to participate in the long-term sales strategy of the Rioja Consejo Regulador and flex her skills. Over the years that she has worked for Rioja, the long-term plan has met with continued success. While working for Rioja, she devised a master Rioja course curriculum which ultimately has become an offering at the Napa Valley Wine Academy. This led to her being brought on to run the Academy’s business development. Currently, the Academy is riding a wave of national interest in wine education.

Nina is an exemplar of the matte side of the wine business. Her work has been in the trenches, adjacent to the glossy side, creating awareness of wine, whether through handing out promotional corkscrews at tastings or devising a marketing strategy for the largest educational wine business in the country.